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More Cool Altered Chords: A2, Aadd2, and Amaj9

Altered open A guitar chords A2 Aadd2 Amaj9

Okay now that you know some cool chords in open A.  If you don’t I’d encourage you to read the last post.  I’m gonna get into the chord science and theory a bit, but if all you want is the chord shapes skip to the end.  Like I said before, I’d encourage you to learn …

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Open Chord Technique: Open A Chords

Open A Major_Chords

So here’s an entry for you guys who have played a while.  You know your basic chords and maybe a few barre chords.  Now what?  The open chord concept is going to get you far in your playing and is easy on the fingers. So here I’ll show you some cool open A chords and …

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