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Article on Choosing Your First Guitar

Here’s an article from Parlor Guitars which quotes advice from me and a few other guitarists about buying your first guitar.  If you’re looking for a guitar, check this one out: Choosing Your First Guitar by Alexander Briones. Thanks for the reference, Alexander.

Online Guitar Lessons or In-Person – What to Choose?

online guitar lessons versus off-line guitar lessons

There’s a common decision among students: there’s so much information out there, should I get guitar lessons online, or find a regular teacher in person? In my research there were interesting sites on the topic of online versus traditional education, but there weren’t any studies specifically on music lessons, though there are informal forums discussing …

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Taking it Slow

You remember the pentatonic scale?  You know blues, B.B.King, and all that good stuff.  Rock, metal and even country players use it as well. Just a word on jamming.  When some start playing pentatonic scales they like to jam it out as fast as they can.  Yeah, that’s fun, I agree.  But if you listen …

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Sus Chords

E Suspended

Today, I’m gonna give you some fun chord science.  We’re going to talk about suspended chords.  Yeah, baby! (in Austin Powers voice) So I’m assuming you know your basic major chords, right?  If not, please review, then come back soon!

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The Pull-off and Hammer-on – a guest post by

Here’s a guest post from  If you want to start playing pull-offs and hammer-ons, check this out:   The Pull-Off   Playing lead guitar like your heroes can be hard if you don’t master key techniques like the pull-off. A pull-off (and a hammer-on) is a way of changing between two notes smoothly. This …

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The Blues Scale (or Pentatonic Scale)

A minor pentatonic scale

Pentawhat scale?  Huh?  Josh, you’re not gonna be one of those poofy-hair teachers who goes off on diminish 9th scales are you? Relax.  Pentatonics is a big word, but it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it.  The awesome players like Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and B.B. King used it all the …

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Three Beautiful Easy Chords-The C-Form

Open E minor Chord C form on the 8th fret.

Okay, this will be an easy lesson for you guys, whether you’ve played a while, or are just starting.  Remember the C chord we all know and love? Well, now we’re going to find some other cool sounds with that shape. 

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Part 3 of Beginner Chord Series: D Major

D Major chord

And now for the third installment of our epic trilogy… (Movie trailer voice)  D major! Learn the easy version first if you have trouble holding down the chord.  Only play those highest two strings in the easy version.  Remember, thumb behind the neck.  Fingers straight down, not all sideways. Once you have the easy chords …

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Part 2 of Beginner Chord Series: G Major

G Major

One more chord for you: easy G Major.  Often called a “cheater chord”, because you’re not playing the exact chord, but this will get you by in a pinch.  Yes, this one is even easier than C so it will be fun if you’re having a lot of trouble holding down chords.  Learn this and …

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Easy Chords For Guitar-Part 1: C Major

C Major Chord

This post is for those just starting out.  The first chord you get to learn is C Major. The full chord is this:  C_chord_sound_file             Hard to play?  That’s okay.  If you want you can start with the easy version.  Just one finger! Play only the last three strings (the …

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