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Open Chords in C

Open C 8th Fret

And so the search for the elusive escape from barre chords continues… So if you know the open chords in G, here’s another take on that concept.  Just take your open G shape (the one with ring and pinky), raise it up to the 8th fret and wala, C! 

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9 Basic Steps for the Walkdown in G

Walkdown in G: First two chords, G5 and Dsus/F#

Okay, today we’re going to learn the walkdown in G. Ready to work out that pinky and ring again?    1. So start with G5.  Pretty easy right? 2. Now hold the same shape and move the lowest string down a fret for Dsus/F#.  Yes, big name chord, but don’t let that intimidate you!  Don’t …

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Easy Eb Major

Eb Major Chord Barred

Okay, so you’re playing some song with fairly normal guitar chords on the lead, and then all a sudden you see a terrible foe…  The dread Eb chord…  This is where the guitar player stands kind of dumbfounded. Should I use a capo?  Or perhaps barre it like this: To go from your regular acoustic …

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More Cool Altered Chords: A2, Aadd2, and Amaj9

Altered open A guitar chords A2 Aadd2 Amaj9

Okay now that you know some cool chords in open A.  If you don’t I’d encourage you to read the last post.  I’m gonna get into the chord science and theory a bit, but if all you want is the chord shapes skip to the end.  Like I said before, I’d encourage you to learn …

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Open Chord Technique: Open A Chords

Open A Major_Chords

So here’s an entry for you guys who have played a while.  You know your basic chords and maybe a few barre chords.  Now what?  The open chord concept is going to get you far in your playing and is easy on the fingers. So here I’ll show you some cool open A chords and …

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How to Practice like a Ninja

Guy dressed in black and kicking

There was a legend that when ninjas were growing up they would plant a tree. Every day they would leap over that tree, and as it grew they’d increase their leap over time. Once it grew too high to jump over, then they’d plant another one and start over. Great story, Mr Miyagi, but what …

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Final Chord Science Experiment in G: Putting them all together

Dsus Chord

Okay so you have the four main chords of G: G5, C2, Em7, and Dsus. Experiment with different orders of chords.  These are called progressions. A couple examples of very common progressions to learn really well: G5, Dsus, Em7, C2 Em7, C2, G5, Dsus Try more.  Play around with them. And now you can play …

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More Chord Science in G

Remember the last experiment?  Now we get to add Em7 to the mix. Play G5, C2, Em7, C2, and then back to G5 Keep repeating many times Pinky hurt?    Poor baby…  Let’s get that little guy toughened up!  Try a few minutes, and then try again tomorrow.  Keep at it and you’ll eventually get …

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Open Chords Series- C2

C2 chord

Okay, next open chord in the key of G.  That would be C2.   (The big “X” means don’t play that string. The big “O” on top means “open”.  Play it.  The more open strings we can get, the better!)   Start on the second lowest (the “A” string).  Lightly touch the next string “D” …

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Open Chords Series- G5

The G5 open chord

Hey there awesome players. Working on a new series of open chords in the key of G. G5 shouldn’t be too hard if you already know the regular G. After that we’ll get into the others in the set. The “x” on the second lowest string means to mute it.  Just lightly touch it with …

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