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How Goals (and Coffee) Can Help Your Creativity

Cafe delirium

For some reason coffee seems to be the preferred drink of acoustic guitarists.  Perhaps Red Bull is for the electric guys.  Where else would Dragonforce get the energy to slay ogres with their lightning-fast riffs?

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Guestpost for Puttylike: The Multipotentialite Musician

Here’s a guestpost I wrote for Emilie Wapnick’s blog, which focuses on “multipotentialites”, those who get good at many skills rather than just one.  Go check it out at!     A long time ago, before even I was born was the 1965 Newport Folk Festival. The crowd awaited Bob Dylan’s usual appearance as …

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How to Practice like a Ninja

Guy dressed in black and kicking

There was a legend that when ninjas were growing up they would plant a tree. Every day they would leap over that tree, and as it grew they’d increase their leap over time. Once it grew too high to jump over, then they’d plant another one and start over. Great story, Mr Miyagi, but what …

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