Guestpost for Puttylike: The Multipotentialite Musician

Here’s a guestpost I wrote for Emilie Wapnick’s blog, which focuses on “multipotentialites”, those who get good at many skills rather than just one.  Go check it out at Puttylike.com!



A long time ago, before even I was born was the 1965 Newport Folk Festival. The crowd awaited Bob Dylan’s usual appearance as the roadies started setting up equipment. But something was wrong…wait a minute…guitar amps? Drums?!!

Wasn’t this the darling of true folkies who followed the footsteps of Woody Guthrie? Dylan eventually appeared with a full-fledged rock band to amplify his message loud and clear. Some clapped and some booed, but it made music history.

Bob Dylan refused to be categorized or plastered to a mold. He had a message to bring to the world, and he would use whatever method, whatever style he had to play to bring it.

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